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Skegness Speedweekend F1/ Catherine at Stoke V8 Hotstox sponsored by Tom Harris Motorsport

It’s been a hectic week trying to get cars finished and the week flew by and before I knew it I was back racing. This is where I belong in a stockcar or sprintcar! The weather was mixed as we made our way to the track. I want to echo what a few of the other drivers said on their parade lap but a massive shout out to my pal ex JD team mate Rob Speak. Rob and Asha have put a great deal of time and money into Skegness Stadium, the track and facilities are great for drivers and the fans and I’m looking forward to some great racing there this year and fingers crossed qualifying for the World Final there in September!

The new tarmac car isn’t finished yet so I raced Luke’s 2017 car from the JD stable. I’ve got a couple of new names on the aerofoil this year too, Swindell Speedlabs from the US who are helping me massively with sprintcars when I race in the US, and A&G Brands which is Phil Cummings brand agency, he works with bands and popstars normally but a keen stock car fan and he called me in the winter and offered to help me through his business. He’s been reaching out to some brands arranging meetings and potential partners and sponsors for 2018 to help with my racing. Before the meeting once again a big thank you to all my sponsors and good wishes I’ve received online and at the track!


I was in Heat 2 and the track was dry. The car was going well and it was as if I hadn’t been away !! After a few laps I was making my way through the traffic nearly catching Luke (464) home for a strong 2nd place and straight into the final! The final was wet and again started making my way through, we had a yellow which bunched us all up after 5 laps so I then got my head down and again ended up behind Luke (464) finishing 6th in the final. The Grand National saw torrential rain and we set the car up for the monsoon unfortunately a few laps in the engine let go and it stopped me racing Sunday too which was a real shame as I think I could of been up there for the UK Open giving Nigel Green a drop!! and scoring some good points too. Well done to Luke Davidson who had a great weekend he always goes well at Skeg with a couple more wins a second and s bend away from winning the UK open. His move on Harry Steward which he had to go for stopping the car for a bit but crossing the line 4th!!! Anyway a good meeting and next week back to it and onto Kings Lynn next week on the loose stuff.


I was sponsoring the V8 Hotstox meeting at Stoke on Sunday, Their Supreme championship which won by 485 Steve Thompson.Congrats Steve. I like to do my bit helping these meetings where I can as the V8’s and Mini Stox are both great formula’s and Catherine has started to really get the hang of her V8 now, since her step up from Mini Stox. Catherine drove really well getting 8th in her heat and a 4th in the Grand National. Next week we are both at Kings Lynn so we will see how we both go there!! Have a great week see you at Kings Lynn !!

Tom & Catherine


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