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World Of Outlaws History Made 20.07.2019

First British Driver To Ever Qualify For A World Of Outlaws Feature Race. Kings Royal - Eldora Speedway.


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What A Season

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We apologise for the delay in the updates since August, last update was when I won the World Final. Its been a busy few months and the winning has continued….

World Champion 2019

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What a few weeks its been, but here I am Brisca F1 World Champion for the 2nd time in my career. Both wins now have been at Kings Lynn and…

There Has Been Lots Going On –

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Its  been a while since we  have posted at  Team Davidson, travelling about 3500 miles in the last month racing both sides of the pond! After Eldora we went straight…

European & Semi Final & Off to Knoxville!

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We  got back from Eldora after being delayed in Philadelphia for a few hours, touching down in Manchester on Friday meaning a few hours to check over the car ready…

Open Red Podcast – World Of Outlaws

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Check out my Podcast this morning with the guys from Open Red – Talking about my last few days at Eldora and the high’s of The Kings Royal, to my…

Lawrenceburg Speedway USAC

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Still high of the Kings Royal achievement we made our way back towards Indiana for the USAC race at Lawrenceburg. Not the best of nights as the engine is struggling…